5 Best Criminal Law Supplements for Fall 2017

5 Best Criminal Law Supplements for Fall 2017

Need a little extra help from a criminal law supplement? Well, look no further. I’ve compiled the 5 best criminal law supplements on the market. Keep reading this guide to find out which criminal law supplement or criminal law hornbook is the best for you. I hope you find this review helpful!

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Best Criminal Law Supplements

Picture of Understanding Criminal Law, a great criminal law supplementUnderstanding Criminal Law (7th ed.) by Joshua Dressler

I used a version of this supplement while in law school. I thought it was fantastic. It’s organization and clarity of explanation set it apart from the other supplements. I found it particularly useful while outlining before my final. While the the current version is new, the older editions rate are very popular. I think it is safe to assume that the latest version only improves upon this helpful resource.  Ultimately, this book is one of the best criminal law supplements out there and I highly recommend it.

Examples & Explanations: Criminal Law by Richard G. Singer

If you’re not familiar with the E&E series, the supplements provide you with an introduction to a topic as well as example hypotheticals and explanations.  I used E&Es on and off throughout law school and think they are a very useful resource for practicing in small study groups.  For instance, you and your class mates can agree to review a hypothetical on your own and go over the answer together.

Picture of Criminal Law in a Nut Shell, a criminal law supplementCriminal Law in a Nutshell by Arnold Loewy

This supplement to be packed with useful information, which is presented in an easy to digest format. One drawback is that because of the size of the book the level of analysis is not as comprehensive as other volumes. As the name suggests, this is to be expected from a Nutshell.  This resource is helpful if you want to read ahead in class and need a quick, clear synopsis of what is in store for you.  Relying exclusively on this supplement, though, won’t help you beef up your outline or push your answers on your final from a B to an A.  Instead, it will give you a great foundation and help you to understand what is being discussed in class, without taking up too much additional time.  I suggest reading the chapter that pertains to the topic your class is on the weekend before – you’ll be more confident heading into the new material.

Criminal Law: The Essentials by Sue Titus Reid

The 2016 edition of this criminal law hornbook was just released, but, based on the prior edition, law students will likely find that the new edition is a helpful and easy to read criminal law supplement.  Hornbooks are a more traditional supplement — I found them to be dense and cumbersome.  That said, the reason they’re still around is because they are packed with the details and nuances that will set you apart. I don’t think you need this supplement, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to take peek, especially if you are having trouble with a particular topic.  Chances are your law library has a copy — maybe check it out before pulling the trigger.

Criminal Law cover, a law school supplementCriminal Law (Aspen Student Treatise Series) by Paul Robinson and Michael Cahill

This criminal law supplement attempts to provide a more practical approach to criminal law. So, students who disfavor more theoretical resources might like it. Then again, the classic criminal law exam is written by an academic and usually focused on criminal theory in the form of a hypothetical.  Consider waiting to buy this book, and do so only if you end up taking a clinic or a smaller, focused criminal law class — like Fourth Amendment or White Collar Crime, where practical issues may come up more often.

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Bonus: Principles of Criminal Law by Wayne R. Lafave. This supplement hasn’t been updated in a while but it’s recommended by some law schools.

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