5 Best Property Law Supplements for Fall 2017

5 Best Property Law Supplements for Fall 2017

Looking to get an edge in property law? Then you definitely need a supplement or two to shoot ahead of your classmates on the final exam. Keep reading to find the best property law supplements for 2017.

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Picture of Property Examples & Explanations, one of the best property law supplementsExamples & Explanations: Property by Barlow Burke

I love the E&E series for just about every subject. But, as a property law supplement, it’s fantastic. As always, E&E’s are great for group study. You won’t be disappointed with the Property law version. It’s not as popular as the E&E’s for the other subjects but reviewers love it. I think you will too.

Emanuel Law Outlines: Property by Steven L. Emanuel

For a black letter law outline, you can’t do any better that Emanuel. Not only to you the black letter law, but you also get case summaries and questions with model answers. It’s an outline, so it’s not as good on policy as others property law supplements. But you’ll be happy for it if you weren’t the greatest at taking lecture notes.

Gilbert Law Summary on Property by James Krier

This property law supplement makes a great addition to your casebook while you prepare your outline. It’s basically provides a detailed summary of black letter property law. It’s perfect for filling in the missing gaps in your lecture notes. Since it’s basically an outline itself, much like Emanuel, it won’t provide you with as detailed of policy analysis as other supplements.

Understanding Property Law by John G. Sprankling

This is an 800-page whopper of a property law supplement. It provides law students with a both a summary of the elements of each property law theory, as well as an in-depth discussion of history and policy. If you have a professor who’s big into policy, I’d recommend pickup up a supplement like this.

The Oxford Introductions to U.S. Law: Property by Thomas W. Merrill and Henry E. Smith

Students like this property law supplement for its easy-to-understand prose. Property is probably the most complex 1L subject, so that’s a major plus. If you’re using the casebook by the same authors, it’ll be even more useful. Like the Sprankling supplement, you’ll get more policy analysis that the other property law supplements on this list.

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