5 Best Torts Supplements for Fall 2017

5 Best Torts Supplements for Fall 2017

Looking for a best torts supplements for Fall 2017? Then you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out which law school supplements are best for torts law.

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Examples & Explanations: The Law of Torts, a one of the best tort supplements

The Law of Torts: Examples & Explanations by Joseph Glannon.

I loved E&E’s during law school. They’re the perfect supplement to prepare you for the final exam. You can test and hone your issue-spotting skills against the “Explanation”. An even better option is to use it as a resource for group study. Hearing how your fellow students approach a problem is a great way to improve your perspective, and hopefully your grade.

Understanding Torts by John L. Diamond and Lawrence C. Levine

This is the torts supplement from the Lexis “Understanding” series, which are favorites of law students. It’ll help you understand and recognize the elements of each particular tort. As I’m sure you’ve gathered, the case law — in particular the older opinions — don’t exactly follow the IRAC format. It can sometimes be difficult to suss out exactly what the judge is talking about. I always found it useful to read a section before tackling the cases. It’s easier to understand the particular point of a case if you have an understanding of the larger picture.

The Forms and Functions of Tort Law (Concepts and Insights) by Kenneth Abraham

This torts supplement is a little different that the other two because it’s more of a hornbook. It’s provides much richer commentary on the history and policy of tort law. If you get the sense that your Torts professor is really into the policy side, this is a good option.

Torts (Introduction to Law Series) by Richard A. Epstein

This volume is similar to the Abraham supplement. It’s more policy oriented. Also keep in mind that it closely maps the Epstein torts casebook. So it that’s what your professor is using, it’s probably the better option.

Mastering Tort Law (Carolina Academic Press Mastering) by Russell L. Weaver

Like the Epstein torts supplement, students who are using the Weaver torts caseboook will probably get the most out of this supplement. But, even if you’re not, it’s a great option to get additional help with both the nuts and bolts of torts (i.e., the elements) and the policy arguments.

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