Billboard Marketing for Lawyers: Does it Work?

Billboard Marketing for Lawyers: Does it Work?

We’ve all seen billboards alongside the highway advertising for lawyers or law firms. Some are sketchier than others. Whether they’re effective in attracting prospective clients back to the advertiser is unclear. A few years back, Gyi Tsakalakis writing on Lawyerist highlighted the issue of tracking billboard marketing. His point was that without tracking client-leads back to a particular marketing medium, you can’t evaluate whether your marketing campaign was successful.

He went on to question whether billboard advertising is an effective way to attract clients.

Does Billboard Marketing Work?

Well, I have an answer. Or at least a tentative one.

I’ve been running a traditional media advertising campaign for the last five weeks or so and have tracking set up. The campaign is fairly modest in scope, so I’m not going to draw any hard conclusions. But the initial data is promising.

There are a few ways to deal with the tracking problem. I’ve paired my signage with an online component. Basically, people interact with my advertising and get taken to an online landing page where I make my pitch.

Data I Can Track

Here are some details about what I’m able to track and what I’m not able to track:

  • I am not sure how many people have seen my ad. The media company provides some general data on impressions and market saturation. But I can’t say at this point whether those estimate are accurate. And, after talking with some client-leads, it appears that some of my ads may not be properly placed. So this is a big question mark. But I’m not really worried about it.
  • I know exactly how many people have responded to the Call To Action on my ad. And I have their contact information, which I can utilize for re-marketing efforts down the road.
  • Of the people who responded to the Call to Action, I know exactly how many have taken the second step of heading to my landing page.
  • And, of the people who have gone to the landing page, I have the full suite of Google Analytics data for them, including bounce rate, conversion rate, returning visitors, etc.

Tentative Results

Here are my preliminary observations:

  • The cost of getting a single person to my landing page is very high, like 3-4x more expensive than what it would cost on a CPC basis through Adwords.
  • But, judging by Larry Kim’s figures, I have an extraordinary conversion rate. I also know my bounce rate and how many people have gone on to navigate my site without converting. (I know, letting people leak from your landing page without converting or bouncing is a cardinal sin in landing page design.)
  • Of the people that have followed through with the consultation, all have been solid leads with viable cases.
  • The jury is still out on whether I’ll be able to sign up enough clients to get my average client-acquisition costs where it needs to be.

So that’s all for now. My billboard marketing campaign is off to a promising start. I’ll post an update when I have more to report.