Best Gifts for Lawyers: 40+ Lawyer Gift Ideas for the 2017 Holidays

Best Gifts for Lawyers: 40+ Lawyer Gift Ideas for the 2017 Holidays

Looking to buy a great gift for that special lawyer in your life? You’ve come to the right place. This lawyer gift guide has 40+ gifts for lawyers. The gifts are categorized and are listed roughly from least expensive to most expensive. The links in this article are affiliate links. Keep reading to discover 2016’s best gifts for lawyers.

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Best Gifts for Lawyers: Stocking Stuffers

For me, the very best stocking stuffers are things that bring life’s little pleasures. I recently bought a few extra iPhone cables and adapters for the house and office. Imagine living in a world where you never have to leave the room to charge your phone. You can give the gift of that world to your special lawyer for about $20.

Along the same lines, I love never having to look for a pen. My favorite is the Pilot G2 in Blue. They’re super smooth, last forever, and photocopy just like black ink. A box of 12 will keep you well stocked for the year.

More Pens for Lawyers

This is a picture of a Pilot Metropolitan, one of the best pens for lawers

Pilot Metropolitan

If you’re looking for something fancier, a fountain pen might be the way to go. You can get into something basic, like the Pilot Metropolitan, Lamy Safari, or Kaweco Sport, for $25 or less. Or, stepping it up a notch, you can go with TWSBI Diamond 580 or Sheaffer Prelude for around $50.  I would not recommend moving up to the high-end models (PELIKAN M400) unless you’re sure that the recipient has a thing for fountain pens.

Best Gifts for Attorneys: Less than $50

If you’re looking for something funny or ironic, then you’ll find no shortage of lawyer-themed mugs and t-shirts on Amazon. I like this legal decision maker.

If a board game makes sense, go with Lawsuit!

The New Yorker Book of Lawyer Cartoons, which is a great lawyer gift

The New Yorker Book of Lawyer Cartoons

The New Yorker Book of Lawyer Cartoons would make a good coffee table book. On the other end of the spectrum, The World’s Funniest Lawyer Jokes and Comebacks for Lawyer Jokes: Restatement of Retorts complement each other nicely.

For the Practical Gift Giver:

Do you like to give practical gifts? Then these options might be for you.

Some lawyers prefer mechanical keyboards to digital ones because they cause less stress on the lower arms, enable faster more accurate typing, and make a more distinctive sound.

Levenger legal pads are the Cadillac of legal pads. The paper is thick, sturdy, and luxurious. Pages are pre-printed with detailed header box for easy organization as well as margins for Cornell Method note taking. Along the same line, Leuchtturm makes some really nice executive notebooks in many sizes.


Useful Legal Books

Picture of Garner's Modern English Usage, a great gift option for attorneys

Garner’s Modern English Usage

Modern English Usage by Bryan Gardner. This book teaches you important things like when to use fewer or less, farther or further, and nauseated or nauseous. Since lawyers make their livings with words, Gardner’s volume is an indispensable resource for attorneys. The newest edition incorporates date from Google that helps to provide objective evidence for previously subjective disputes.

A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting by Ken Adams. This book would benefit any lawyer, but it is predominantly for transactional attorneys (i.e. those who negotiate and draft contracts). Ken’s manual is basically the only resource for those attorneys who are looking for a rigorous approach to contract language.

Black’s Law Dictionary. It’s a dictionary for lawyers.

Lady Justice

Picture of Lady Justice statute, a perfect gift for a lawyer

Lady Justice

No lawyer gift guide would be complete without a nod to lady justice.

Best Gifts for Lawyers: $50 to $200

If you looking to sharpen up the decor in your lawyer’s office, here are some ideas for office accessories:

Picture of a Waterford Marquis Decanter set, a perfect attorney gift

Waterford Marquis Decanter Set

Best Lawyer Gifts: $200 and up

If you’re thinking about getting your lawyer a tablet, I highly recommend the [easyazon_link identifier=”B01606KJ6C” locale=”US” tag=”theofanis-20″]Surface Pro 4[/easyazon_link]. Just about every lawyer that I’ve seen at court using a tablet has been using a Surface. There are a few models that vary in price from around $900 to $1,800. The lower end model is probably sufficient for most legal applications.

Best Brief Case for Lawyers

I see far too many lugging around their case files in bags that are unbecoming of a professional, such as messenger bags, backpacks, or even schwag bags from conferences (!!!). Even if your lawyer doesn’t do this, it’s always nice to get an upgrade.

Filson’s Original is a nice entry-level brief case made from water-resistant twill. It has two interior sections and 4 interior stow pockets. Zippers are quality YKK. It’s made in the USA.

If you’re looking for something more traditional, I like this classic model from Jack Georges.

Picture of the Saddleback Leather Large Classic Briefcase, one the biggest and best brief cases for lawyers

Saddleback Leather Classic Briefcase

For maximum carrying capacity, look no further than the Saddleback Leather Co. Large Classic Briefcase. This thing is a monster. It’s perfect for attorneys who still lug around huge paper files to court. Sure, it’s pricey. But Saddleback’s motto is “They’ll fight over it when you’re dead” and they offer a 100-year warranty. You’re paying to quality that Saddleback clearly stands behind. If you’re looking for something smaller, Saddleback has plenty of other models as well.

Best Bags for Female Attorneys

Don’t worry, I consulted heavily with my wife on this section.

Picture of the Lodis Audrey Brera Cross-Body Briefcase, one of the best bags for female attorneys

Lodis Audrey Brera

The Lodis Audrey Brera Cross-Body Briefcase is sleek, stylish and professional. It comes in a few other colors besides tan, of which red is next best.

For a larger capacity, the Michael Kors Jet Set can’t be beat. My wife uses this bag. I’m constantly amazed how much it can hold. Another huge plus: it comes in over 10 colors. The Tumi Sinclair Nell Tote is similar to the Jet Set, but comes in fewer colors.

Picture of Prada Saffiano, a great bag for female lawyers

Prada Saffiano

And, if you’re hunting for big game, take a look at the Prada Saffiano.

Best Watches for Lawyers

I personally go low rent in the watch department. I wear a Timex Expedition with a nylon strap that I swapped in. If I ever decide to upgrade, I’m going with the Hamilton Khaki Field Watch.

The Komono Magnus is sharp choice for less than $100.

Best Shoes for Lawyers

Dress shoes are an important part of a lawyer’s wardrobe. A $1,500 suit won’t look impressive at all with a beat up pair of Oxfords. With dress shoes, you should go for quality. Make sure that they can be resoled when the sole wears thin. And make sure they fit! I think most people buy shoes that are too narrow. Not everyone foot width is medium. That’s why I love Allen Edmonds. The majority for their shoes, both casual and dress, are recraftable and come in many widths. Their flagship shoe, the Park Avenue cap-toe Oxford, comes in 6 colors and 9 widths! I’m sure you’ll love the fit. If you’re thinking of wing tips, go with the McAllister.

Hard to Buy For

If you made it this far, there’s a good chance your lawyer is hard to buy gift for. If that’s the case, I recommend the Kindle by Amazon. Who wouldn’t want their entire library at their fingertips? I love my Kindle and have gone through a few models over the years.

Picture of an Amazon gift card, which is a perfect lawyer giftAnd if that doesn’t suit you fancy, the go with an Amazon gift card. It even comes with a box and bow.

Happy Shopping!

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