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Using Referral Fees to See How Your Legal Marketing ROI Stacks Up

By now, most lawyers understand that they need to diligently track both the costs of marketing and the corresponding benefits. This allows for a proper calculation of client acquisitions cost (CAC) and return on investment (legal marketing ROI). Have you ever wondered what’s a good ROI for lawyers? Whether you’re spending too much, or too little, on marketing? Continue reading

Attorney Referral Fees in California: What Percentage?

One pleasant aspect of practicing law in California is that attorney referral fees are ethically permissible. To be clear, what I’m talking about are naked referral fees, where you simply refer a case to another lawyer without taking any responsibility for the matter. Many states require the referring attorney to assume some responsibility before fee sharing is ethically permitted. In California, all you need to do is comply with Rule 2-200. Keep reading to learn what a typical attorney referral fee percentage is in California. Continue reading